Inspired and Inspiring


Diane Tompkins

An astute judge of people and organizations, Diane brings a fearless capacity to get to the heart of what is really present in order for that to transform into what’s needed. Above all Diane has a unique ability to hold a room and guide a group where it most needs to go—even when they don’t know where that is. In her capable hands people feel safe and tap into their courage to look deeply and look differently.

Diane is skilled at helping a group hold paradox: disagreement and collaboration, tension and resolution, stillness and momentum. She is a seasoned facilitator who is not afraid to “stand in the fire” until the possibility for movement emerges. Not that this process is all serious…Diane also brings a keen sense of fun and humor as she weaves a dance in which we all take part.

Diane has three decades of experience creating clarity and telling compelling stories—as a brand strategist, a qualitative researcher, business-owner and as a parent. She is a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute and graduate of the Authentic Leadership Program at Narops University. She lives with three generations of her family (including her husband and two children) on a mini-ranch in Northern California, complete with cats, two big dogs and an unruly garden.


Rachel Gaunt

Rachel’s instinct for what an individual or group needs in any given moment is unerring. Her special gift is to ground our engagements and keep them real by staying connected to her own intuition minute by minute as a workshop or coaching session unfolds. She models what it means to lead with a strong and open heart–and this inspires our team and clients alike. Rachel has a laser-like ability to see the underlying dynamics at work in a stuck situation and how they can be shifted towards movement.

20 years of experience in advertising, social activism and public speaking gives Rachel insight into a wide variety of professional challenges, the rich complexities of organizations, and the dynamics of being part of one.

A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute, Rachel is wise, kind and generous–always looking for the most direct and effective way to help our clients grow and thrive. She lives in Marin County with her husband, two sons and her favorite hiking companion, Patches, her dog.


Our Team of Collaborators

We have a long list of people we love to work with because they bring out the best in us and make the work that much better. Here are a few we pull in, depending on the project.

Alexis Sanford
Coach & Facilitator

David Begler
Storyteller & Writer


Elana Yonah
Somatic Coach

Jo McGinley
Improv Coach & Teacher