Change is hard. Change agents need partners willing to engage fully in what they are trying to achieve. They need partners who will help make their vision a reality by focusing their hearts and minds and courage on the goals at hand. They need partners who can help them bridge the gaps between where they are and where they need to be. In my work at Breast Cancer Action, whenever I needed such a partner, I found her in Diane Tompkins.

Barbara Brenner Former Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action

Working with Rachel has been instrumental in my leadership development. Through her nurturing and supportive approach, I’ve increased my self-awareness, particularly in appreciating my own strengths and also understanding the blind-spots and perspectives that have previously been deterrents to my growth. She’s helped me make important changes and I’ve been able to see the positive impact on my staff and professional relationships. 

Patrice Martin, Co-Lead and Creative Director

Diane and Rachel are the strongest facilitators and coaches I’ve ever worked with. And I’ve worked with many. Their partnership is truly beautiful to witness and the arc and pace of the retreats they lead is completely brilliant.

Cathy Schreiber,
Chief Operating Office, Women's Foundation of California

Other Organizations We Have Worked With

non-profit clients

Breast Cancer Action
Beacon Hill and San Francisco Villages
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Illuminate the Arts (Bay Lights)
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
Global Citizen Year
Marin Organic
Marin Waldorf School
Performing Arts Workshop
STAND for Children
SPIN Academy
The Texas Children & Nature Collaborative

corporate clients

American Express
Bolt Threads
Charles Schwab
Discovery and Science Channels
Green Mountain Energy
The Vermont Country Store

foundation clients

The Haas Jr. Fund (with LightBox Collaborative)
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation