1. On-Site Workshops

Half-day sessions with a focused objective: gaining a new skill, exploring a new perspective, finding different ways of working with oneself and others. In each, we foster self-awareness and confidence, while helping individuals unleash their talents and bring their vitality to the group. Part training, part exploration, part application—these workshops are dynamic, immediately useful, and always interactive.

2. Offsite Retreats

We spend time in a beautiful place, disconnected from technology and the hectic pace of the office, in order to reconnect with something deeper—shared purpose, priorities, important topics that never quite get taken up, or points of tension that need to be addressed.  Some of the inspiring sites we use are: Mayacamas Ranch, West Point Inn, or Green Gulch Farm.

We design the retreat to surface important issues. In the process, conversations deepen and become more honest—ultimately, the way forward becomes clear. People leave feeling energized, aligned, and refreshed. Equipped with a plan. Three days and two nights is the ideal length of these retreats, though we’re happy to design shorter ones.

 reasons our clients RETREAT WITH US:

  • They’ve lost their way and need to reconnect to purpose and vision.
  • They know where they’re going, but are getting in their own way and need help working better together.
  • They’re burning out and can’t sustain the focus they need to because there are so many distractions fighting forattention.

3. Coaching

Partner Coaching

We help leadership partners maximize the full power of their working relationship by diffusing points of tension, fine-tuning roles and relationships, and guiding each person to see and claim their unique talents so the whole of their partnership is truly greater than the sum of either part. We work with C-suite, Founding Partners,  Board Chairs and EDs, Creative Directors and GMs--when the partnership matters, it pays to tend it well.

Individual Coaching

We coach at all levels of an organization, from senior executive to new manager. In each case, we challenge our clients to inquire deeply about themselves, create a vision, and understand the way they interact with the team and larger culture. We help you discover what brings you alive, how to build on your strengths, and how to navigate your blind spots with grace. We guide you to draw on your internal wisdom, get familiar with your personal values, stretch creatively and find strength in vulnerability.

Sessions are usually held on the phone, and can be arranged on-site as well.