It Takes More Than Intellectual Brilliance

When facing a tough task, most of us ‘double down’ and ‘think harder.’ But as amazing as our minds are, they aren’t enough. When we step away from the logical, left-brain for a while and make room for the wisdom of the heart, ideas and insights take on a new level of vitality and brilliance. Leadership becomes more inspired. Organizational cultures are safer, more real, and resilient.

The Answers Are
Inside of You

First and foremost, we are coaches, not consultants. So we won’t tell you what the answers are—we’ll show you how to find them for yourselves. And while we have five decades on the front lines of strategy, marketing, and branding, our first commitment is to empower you and your team.  We’ll challenge you to discover new perspectives, teach you skills and give you tools to get clear on what’s possible, so you can make choices and create change for yourselves.  And we’ll support you along the way so clarity and commitment become your new normal.

Nature Nurtures Us

We believe the restorative power of nature is missing from modern business life--getting outside, moving our bodies, and taking a break from technology.  So, as often as possible, we’ll take you away from the office. If you’re courageous enough to quiet down and listen deeply, you’ll gain direct access to an essential piece of the puzzle that’s inaccessible from a speedy, brainy, multitasking mode of working.  Tap into this quiet place and watch your stress diminish, your creativity soar.